January 2010

GROUND Lab in Uganda

In December 2009, GROUND Lab traveled to Kampala, Uganda with the intent of establishing the validity of employing Device X or an analogous networked electronic device in order to gather accurate, high volume data rapidly from the field, especially in areas where it is not feasible to do so efficiently at this time, because of […]

Field Report for Device X in Uganda

This is the field report that I drafted in 2010 when I returned from field testing GROUND Lab’s Device X in health clinics around Kampala, Uganda, thanks to UNICEF. While there, I was researching the context in which the device needed to operate and what kind of social interactions took place in all the different […]

GROUND Lab’s Presentation in Kampala

This is a presentation of Device X and the research behind it. This presentation was given in December in Kampala, Uganda at the UNICEF Uganda Country Office. Device X Uganda Presentation View more presentations from GRND Lab LLC.

GROUND Lab on La7 TV InnovatiON!

The Italian TV channel La7 shows a day in the life of GROUND Lab during their technology weekly program called InnovatiON. To see the full episode, click here! Grazie! Thank you so much, for such a wonderful video and interview!

GROUND Lab on!

La Repubblica, major Italian daily newspaper, published a story on their blog about GROUND Lab’s projects; particularly the collaboration with Unicef and the creation of Device X. La Repubblica interviewed Benedetta who was born and raised in Parma Italy.


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