March 2011

Mobile Printer prints Web content

One of the things the mobile printing device needs to be able to handle is opening socket GPRS connections in order to travel to specified URLs and Website addresses and downloading their content to be printed in real time. The device can be programmed to ‘call home’ or better download content from a ‘home URL’ […]

Mobile Printer prints SMS

Since one of the most important things we learned from the experience of testing a datalogging platform in health clinics in Uganda was that paper records were very important but also very limiting. The current paper logging process is painfully time consuming and requires lots of time spent processing the data and sending the data […]

Mobile Printer Concept

After we returned from our field trip in December of 2009 to test the concept and feasibility of Device X, we started researching how to design and produce an open source, low-power, low-cost and robust cell phone-based printing device for remote health facilities in Africa that participate in health monitoring and reporting. This device was […]


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