Farevalue Final Prototype

This past summer we were really busy prototyping a smart, enhanced store value card capable of powering up an e-paper display, for a socially-focused urban planning company called Urbanscale. This is the final working prototype we engineered and fabricated together with our engineer wizard collaborator Todd Bailey and was meant as a feels-like, looks-like, works-like […]

NFC Smart Card Prototyping

GROUND Lab was busy for a part of 2011 in researching, designing, engineering and prototyping a smart value card based off of an RF based circuit and coil for the active transmission of power and data from a base RF unit to a passive RF receiver employing a programmable micro controller with the ability to […]

GROUND Lab on the Arduino Blog

Thanks a whole lot to our friends at Arduino for posting about GROUND Lab’s recent trip to Kenya and Tanzania to test their latest development in the open source lion tracking collar project. One of the tests involved using an Arduino Mega board to test out the GPRS connectivity and speed of local cell-phone networks. […]

Radio24 interviews GROUND Lab

Benedetta was contacted by Radio24, the Italian Radio channel of il Sole 24 Ore (think of it as the Financial Times of Italy) for a radio interview. Radio24 hosts a fantastic program called Giovani Talenti (“Young Talents”) which tells the stories of young Italian expatriates that have managed to study and pursue their careers in […]

GROUND Lab in Tanzania

In January of 2011 GROUND Lab traveled to Tanzania to visit the island of Zanzibar and to assess network coverage on the island and mostly on mainland where the lions migrate to, after they leave Kenya. While in Zanzibar we ran tests to collect GPS data from that area using different cell carriers in Tanzania. […]

GROUND Lab in Kenya

In December 2010 GROUND Lab traveled to Kenya with the intent of researching the areas in which the conservationists we have been working with operate. GROUND Lab had recently completed one of its open source tracking units and we wanted to test the overall signal strength and health of the system and of the cell […]

GROUND Lab in Uganda

In December 2009, GROUND Lab traveled to Kampala, Uganda with the intent of establishing the validity of employing Device X or an analogous networked electronic device in order to gather accurate, high volume data rapidly from the field, especially in areas where it is not feasible to do so efficiently at this time, because of […]

Field Report for Device X in Uganda

This is the field report that I drafted in 2010 when I returned from field testing GROUND Lab’s Device X in health clinics around Kampala, Uganda, thanks to UNICEF. While there, I was researching the context in which the device needed to operate and what kind of social interactions took place in all the different […]

GROUND Lab’s Presentation in Kampala

This is a presentation of Device X and the research behind it. This presentation was given in December in Kampala, Uganda at the UNICEF Uganda Country Office. Device X Uganda Presentation View more presentations from GRND Lab LLC.


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