Field Report for Device X in Uganda

This is the field report that I drafted in 2010 when I returned from field testing GROUND Lab’s Device X in health clinics around Kampala, Uganda, thanks to UNICEF. While there, I was researching the context in which the device needed to operate and what kind of social interactions took place in all the different […]

Device X v 0.3

We have been really busy and excited at the Lab because we are now finishing the first full version of the prototype for the mobile health device for health clinics in Uganda in partnership with UNICEF. New prototype. New prototype on, example of a menu screen with ATM style buttons. This version, finally includes all […]

Device X v 0.2

We have been busy making the patient entry device for health clinics in Uganda and we recently presented a new and improved version to the Innovation Team at Unicef. The new version includes many improvements from previous versions, including a full Qwerty keyboard for easy typing, which is covered in silicone to help making it […]

Latest Case Prototype

We have been working hard recently, laser cutting, bolting, drilling and more. Here’s the result. A new customized case for the device. This is only a prototype and the final casing will most likely be machined manufactured, but for now this is what we came up with as a fast prototyping solution. And we went […]


This article covers some of the innovations showcased by UNICEF at the UN-ECOSOC Conference, but the video presentation of GROUND Lab’s Patient Data Entry Device, is playing in the background. And we hope that UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon caught a glimpse of it too! Click here to go to the full article!

Patient Data Entry Device v 0.2 ECOSOC Demo Video

This is a promotional video that we recently displayed along side a working prototype at the UN-ECOSOC conference in Geneva, Switzerland this month. From July 6th through July 9th our video presentation was displayed at the UNICEF stand for Health Innovations. Video still.

Patient Data Entry Device v 0.1 for UNICEF

In April 2008 we completed the very first prototype for the Patient Data Input Device for a health clinics in Malawi, Africa in partnership with the UNICEF Innovation Team. This device aims to help health care workers in diagnosing patients and then efficiently relaying that information to the patient guardians. It allows the user to […]

Device X ♥s RapidSMS

Device X with integrated GSM module is now finally starting to get acquainted with RapidSMS and the RapidResponse interface. We still have a bit more work to do in order to really customize RapidSMS to match our formatting, but for now just the fact that the server is running properly and that our text messages […]


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